Frequency Range from 100 Hz to 200 MHz

TTE Designed Lowpass Filters are similar to Elliptical Function Filters. They exhibit both passband and stopband ripple. The passband ripple is ±0.25 dB typical. These filters are available for -3dB frequencies from 100 Hz to 200 MHz. They are available with a low THD option and are suitable for some ADC and DAC applications.

Series NumberNumber of Polesf-3dBc Range
J737from 100 Hz to 200 MHz
J839from 100 Hz to 200 MHz
J9311from 100 Hz to 200 MHz
J777from 100 Hz to 200 MHz
J879from 100 Hz to 200 MHz
J9711from 100 Hz to 200 MHz
Part Number Derivation:
J87 *(T) **(R) -5M -50 -65B
1/2 3 4 5 6 7
  • Operating Temperature Range:
    0°C to +70°C
  • VSWR: 1.5:1 Typical
  • Input Power: 20 mW
  1. Series, J87
  2. Number of poles, 9
  3. The “T” option specifies a filter with low THD for ADC/DAC testing.  When selected the minimum THD is > -80dBc, -96dBc typical.
  4. “R” RoHS compliant. Allow for longer lead time.
  5. f-3dBc
  6. Terminations
  7. Case selection from the case selection guide. “T” option cases are larger than standard.

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