passive filters

Filter Types & Topologies:
  • Band Rejection Filters – Butterworth, Chebyshev and Elliptical Function
  • Bandpass Filters – Bessel, Butterworth, Chebyshev, Elliptical Function and Gaussian
  • Highpass Filters – Butterworth, Chebychev, and Elliptical Function
  • Lowpass Filters – Bessel, Butterworth, Chebychev, Elliptical Function and Gaussian
Key Features:
  • Bessel Filters – exhibit a constant time delay in the passband of the filter.
  • Butterworth Filters – are more selective than Bessel Filters and offer both monotonic passbands and monotonic stopbands.
  • Chebyshev Filters – have low ripple passbands and monotonic stopbands; passband ripple is ±0.25 dB typical.
  • Elliptical Function Filters – offer better selectivity than Chebyshev Filters. The passband ripple is  ±0.25 dB typical. These filters also exhibit poles and zeros in the stopband that are below the specified rejection level.
  • Gaussian Filters – are designed to pass a step function with zero overshoot and minimum rise. Similar to Bessel Filters, they offer limited selectivity.

TTE offers its passive filters in the smallest practical sizes available; PCB, SMT or connectorized (BNC or SMA) cases are typically utilized, depending on the specific filter design.

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