Diplexers / Multiplexers

TTE designs and manufactures precision hand-tuned networks using the latest design software and test equipment to address customer specifications. Among the company’s more unique designs are the Multiplexer, Diplexer, Triplexer and Quadplexer networks.

Multiplexers and diplexers are available for any frequency from 10 kHz to 26 GHz, with specials to 40 MHz. High-power networks to 600 Watts as well as ground-based and airborne versions are available. Airborne diplexers are available with power handling capabilities up to 75 Watts. Connectors and gender are customer-specified.

Applications for multiplexers or other networks include telemetry, up/down converters, combining or splitting base stations, connections to a common antenna, and many more.

These products are manufactured in cnc-machined housing that is individually designed to accommodate the customer’s circuit requirements.

Lead time varies for these products from two to eight weeks.

Refer to the TTE data page for additional information. Please email TTE for assistance with your application.

For assistance please call 1-716-532-2234 or email us at tte@tte.com
All TTE products are Made in the USA.  Most are delivered within 2-8 weeks.  Expedited lead times of  3-5 days are available on many products
More information about TTE’s custom design expertise is provided in Capabilities.