Frequency Range 10 MHz to 18 GHz

Bias Tees help add/remove DC current or voltage to/from RF circuits without impacting the RF signal. Typical applications include biasing active antennas, amplifiers and laser diodes, and for DC blocking or return in broadband microwave, RF and data communications. TTE’s BTS Series is a standard series designed to address a range of frequencies, from 10 MHz to 18 GHz. They are provided with SMA female connectors. Please contact TTE for additional options.

Part Number Freq Range (GHz) Insertion Loss TYP (dB) Insertion Loss MAX (dB) DC Port Isolation MIN (dB) DC Port Isolation TYP (dB) Return Loss MIN (dB) Return Loss TYP (dB) VSWR MIN VSWR TYP DC Current (mA) MAX
BTS-5G 0.10 – 5.0 0.7 1.0 25 30 15 20 1.5: 1 1.2: 1 1000
BTS-11G 0.10 – 11.0 0.7 1.0 25 30 15 20 1.5: 1 1.2: 1 1000
BS-18G 0.10 – 18.0 0.7 1.0 25 30 15 20 1.5: 1 1.2: 1 500


Operating Temperature Range:
-55°C to +100°C

Superior broadband performance achieved with high-quality components and manufacturing processes

Very low insertion loss for entire bandwidth (< 1dB)

Minimal return loss and VSWR characteristics across frequency range

Matched to 50Ω and measured in a 50Ω test set-up

Extremely flat gain response (no “suck-out”) over frequency range

Provided with SMA female connectors; contact factory for additional options

All of TTE’s products are “made in the USA”.   Most are delivered within 2-3 weeks.  Expedited lead times of 3-5 days are available on many products.  Please call 1-716-532-2234 (or 1-310-478-8224) or email for assistance.  More information about TTE’s custom design expertise is provided in Capabilities.

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