For over 60 years TTE has been designing and manufacturing high performance RF and microwave filters.  Custom orders are typical – not the exception – at TTE Filters.  With decades of expertise, TTE is well-versed in filter technology, filter designs and filter applications.

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If you know the specific RF or microwave filter you need, use the TTE Speed Quote to request a quotation.  To get a basic introduction to TTE’s design capabilities and typical frequencies go to Capabilities. Use the Passive Filters menu or Bias Tees menu to drill down into specific designs, where data sheets, graphs and case information is provided.  If you need assistance at any time with your filter, bias tee or diplexer/multiplexer needs, please contact TTE.

Lumped Element and Cavity Designs

Most of TTE’s products are custom-made and built to order.  TTE maintains a large inventory of standard materials to enable delivery of most products within 2 weeks.  Expedited lead times, as short as 3-5 days, are available on certain products.  All TTE products are made in the USA and include a limited warranty. TTE offers all of its passive filters in the smallest practical sizes available.

TTE recently introduced a standard filter series for off-the-shelf convenience (LC9Sand a bias tee product line. Additional product introductions are expected in the near future (i.e. Tunable Bandpass Filters).  Please contact TTE if you are interested in these or other options.

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Before you purchase RF or microwave filters, you should be aware of the different types:

  • Bessel Filters – exhibit a constant time delay in the passband of the filter.
  • Butterworth Filters – are more selective than Bessel Filters and offer both monotonic passband and monotonic stopbands.
  • Chebyshev Filters – have low ripple passbands and monotonic stopbands.  The passband ripple is ±0.25 dB typical.
  • Elliptical Function Filters – offer better selectivity than Chebyshev Filters.  The passband ripple is ±0.25 dB typical.  Elliptical Function Filters exhibit poles and zeros in the stopband that are below the specified rejection level.
  • Gaussian Filters – are designed to pass a step function with zero overshoot and minimum rise.  Similar to Bessel Filters, they offer limited selectivity.

Test data is provided with all shipments.  Upon request, test plots for filter simulation data will be provided at no charge per typical performance of a previously tested design or via theoretical simulation of a new design

For assistance please call 1-716-532-2234 or email us at
All TTE products are Made in the USA.  Most are delivered within 2-3 weeks.  Expedited lead times of  3-5 days are available on many products
More information about TTE’s custom design expertise is provided in Capabilities.