What does TTE stand for?

When TTE was established in 1956, it was originally called, “TT Electronics Company.” The, “TT,” comes from the first type of filter that we manufactured, a “Twin-T” network. In 1957, TT Electronics Company became, “TT Electronics, Incorporated.” Subsequently the name was changed to TTE, Inc. and now the company is called TTE Filters.

Who is Filterman?

Filterman was created in 1990 as a corporate mascot. The idea came about when we realized we needed to draw more attention to our fast delivery and service. In a nutshell, Filterman represents our efficient service, attention to quality and precision, and our superior filter designs.


How do I find a part number on the website?

The part number search feature will direct you to the general specification page. The specification page will show all of the options available for each series of filters as well as part number derivation. Also available are normalized graphs for each series and the case selection guide.

Does TTE offer stock filters?

TTE has been manufacturing custom filters in the USA since 1956 and has particular expertise in short lead times.  Typical lead time is 2 weeks but expedited lead time as short as 3-5 days is available on many built-to-order designs. In response to customers requiring immediate delivery, TTE offers the LC9S Series of Lowpass Chebyshev Filters from stock for same-day shipment – when 3 to 5 days is not fast enough. This 9-pole series provides twelve distinct part numbers, each at a specific -1dBc passband frequency, from 30 MHz to 6 GHz. Complete technical information is available at the LC9S product page. Check our Product from Stock page for updates regarding products available from inventory.

I would like to receive a simulation of the filter I’m specifying.  Does TTE provide such data? Is there a charge?

Upon request, test plots or filter simulation data will be provided at no charge per typical performance of a previously tested design or via theoretical simulation of a new design.

How long does it take to receive a written quotation and specification?

The sales department will respond to your request in a timely manner and will provide a price and delivery quotation, as well as a specification, for each line item.

Are samples available?

No, samples are not available. TTE filters are designed and manufactured to order.

What is the maximum power your filters will handle?

Generally, the power into the filter load ranges from 20 mW to 1 W, however it is frequency dependent. A 100 Hz bandpass filter will saturate at low power while microwave filters are able to handle much higher power levels. Please consult technical support for your individual specification.

Are Test Data & Filter Simulations provided with orders?

Test data is provided with all shipments. Upon request, test plots or filter simulation data will be provided at no charge per typical performance of a previously tested design or via theoretical simulation of a new design.


Ordering Procedure – Lumped Element

  1. “K” = Bandpass, “L” = Lowpass, “H” = Highpass, “R” = Band Rejection (Notch)
  2. “T” = Bessel, “B” = Butterworth, “C” = Chebyshev, “E” = Elliptical, “G” = Gaussian
  3. * The number of poles in the filter, or the filter order.
  4. Adding a “T” to the part number designates a low THD filter
  5. Add an “R” to the part number designates a RoHS Compliant filter.
  6. The center frequency of the filter.
  7. “G” = GHz, “M” = MHz, “K” = kHz, Blank = Hz
  8. ** Bandwidth of the filter, can be expressed in frequency or percentage.
  9. ** “P” = Percentage, “G” = GHz, “M” = MHz, “K” = kHz, Blank = Hz
  10. Termination Impedance
  11. *** The case part number
  12. “A” = SMA, “B” = BNC, “N” = Type N, “K” = 2.92mm, “V” = 1.85mm

For Elliptical Bandpass Filters: Replace 1, 2 & 3 with Q40 (4th Order) or Q70 (7th Order)
* Elliptical Lowpass and Highpass filtres will have additional numbers.
** Not used for lowpass and highpass filters
*** Not used for custom housings.

Ordering Procedure – Combline

  1. * The last two numbers indicate the number of poles, or the filter order.
  2. Adding an “R” to the part number designates a RoHS Compliant filter.
  3. The center frequency of the filter.
  4. “G” = GHz, “M” = MHz
  5. ** Bandwidth of the filter, can be expressed in frequency or percentage.
  6. ** “P” = Percentage, “G” = GHz, “M” = MHz, “K” = kHz, Blank = Hz
  7. “A” = SMA, “B” = BNC, “N” = Type N, “K” = 2.92mm, “V” = 1.85mm

* Replace with 315P for our standard 1.5% bandwidth combline filter series.
** Not used for 315P series


Can I place an order for COD shipment?

No. COD orders are not accepted at TTE.

Does TTE accept credit cards? When are they charged?

TTE accepts payments by electronic transfer, check, money order or major credit card. Purchase orders are accepted on credit approval. Open accounts can be established upon request. Credit cards are charged at the time of shipment.

How can net-30 terms be established?

To establish an account, TTE requires three supplier references and a bank reference. By supplier, we mean a normal source of materials used by your company in the manufacture of your products. In terms of the bank reference, your company will need to authorize a representative of the bank to release information to TTE.

What is the delivery timing of my order?

TTE is well aware of the need for timely deliveries. To support its customers TTE maintains a large inventory of standard materials which enables the company to deliver most of its products within 2 weeks. Expedited lead times of 3-5 days are available on many products. Some products are available for immediate delivery from stock.

How are my orders shipped?

TTE Filters utilizes a variety of shipping services to deliver product to customers depending on final destination, shipment weight, delivery timing and other customer-specific requirements. Options include ground transportation, air transportation, and overnight/courier service. Additional charges may apply. Shipment dates are approximate and based upon Seller’s best judgements and are subject to factory schedules and production limitations. Seller can assume no liability, consequential or otherwise, of any sort or nature, resulting from any delay caused by act of God, fire or other casualty, accident, strike, or other cause beyond Seller’s control. Lost shipments will not be replaced until freight carrier in writing authorizes the replacement at their expense.


If I incorrectly specify my filter, may I return it and get the correct filter?

TTE filters are manufactured to the customer’s specification, and thus, are not returnable.

If I incorrectly specify my filter, will TTE take it back and retune it?

As part of the manufacturing process the circuit is epoxy-encased and therefore not adjustable.

Can I cancel an order?

Orders cannot be cancelled, or changed, once they have been accepted by TTE.

What is the policy for Return Orders?

Prior to returning products thought to be deficient, a Return Material Authorization must be issued by TTE to the Buyer. No returns of product will be accepted unless the factory has been contacted and a Return Material Authorization number has been issued. The RMA number must be accompanied by a material discrepancy report and test data. A fee to cover the analysis costs on the returned components under this warranty will be charged to the buyer if, when after examination by TTE, the products are found to meet the specifications or have failed for reasons not covered by this warranty.