Product Design

By working with our customers at the design level, TTE Filters is able to help accelerate product development cycles AND enhance product design and performance. For application-specific products, TTE strives to provide rapid design and development of custom components, to address customer needs for reliability, differentiation and faster time to market.  At TTE, we continually bring new product offerings to the market which are aligned with the latest technological developments in the targeted sector.

New product introduction normally entails but is not limited to the following component development cycle:

  1. Identify Parameters/Specifications
  2. Initiate Design Phase
  3. Activate Development Phase
  4. Testing/Qualification
  5. Manufacturing Processes
  6. Compliance and Certification

TTE’s extensive engineering experience, technical competency and industry relationships give us the necessary foundation to navigate through your component development cycle quickly. Well-informed decisions on the most appropriate configuration, the best materials, the critical electrical requirements, and the ease of manufacturability are key elements considered in the design and development phases for a component’s application.