Environmental lab

TTE offers an in-house environmental lab with unmatched capabilities to establish the consistent performance characteristics required to meet the most demanding designs. Our lab allows us to quickly and efficiently do the specific testing that is required for a variety of applications.

TTE’s environmental technical services are also available on a contracted basis if that is what you need to achieve your own product development objectives. Please contact customer service for additional details.

Lab Services Available at TTE:
  • Life Test Chamber – Life, Life with Load – Maximum Operating Temperature: 260°C
  • Thermal Shock – Thermal Shock, Thermal Cycling – from -65°C to 200°C
  • Real Time X-Ray
  • Altitude Chamber – Maximum 80,000 Feet
  • Humidity Chamber – Moisture Resistance, Steady State (-75°C to 200°C, 20% to 98%) RH in Dry Bulb Range
  • Benchtop Chamber – High & Low Temperature Operation, Temp Rise -75°C to 200°C
  • Salt Spray
  • Steam Aging & Solderability
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Pull Gauge – Bond Testing – Maximum Force: 50Lbs
  • Hi-Pot Tester – Insulation Resistance, DWV – Maximum Voltage 6kV (dc), 5kV (ac)
  • Reflow Oven – Maximum Temperature of 260°C
  • Support Test & Measurement Equipment
  • Full Documentation & Reporting Capacity
  • Failure Analysis Capacity
  • Lab Equipped with Monitoring & Tracking Software
  • Mechanical Shock (Mil-Std-202, Method 213)
  • Vibration (Mil-Std-202, Method 201,204,& 214)
  • Accelerated Aging [1]

[1] Consult factory for details.