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RF and Microwave Filter Specialists Since 1956

TTE Offers Filter Simulations
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Please order using a TTE part number and your specification number, where applicable. If you don’t have a part number please contact TTE for assistance.


Use the TTE Speed Quote form to submit your request directly to TTE.  A sales engineer will respond promptly with a filter specification quote.

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TTE has relocated to  state-of-the-art facilities in upstate New York. Please see important information about the relocation at our    Contact Us page.


All of TTE’s RF and microwave filters are made in the USA.  Most products are custom-built and made to order.  Lead times of 3-5 days are available for some products

RF Filters and Microwave Filters

Filter Designs to Meet your Needs

Specialists in custom-designs:

  • Bandpass, band reject, lowpass, highpass, high power low pass
  • Bessel, Butterworth, Chebyshev, Elliptical Function, Gaussian
  • Filters, diplexers, multiplexers and other networks

All products are made in the USA; leadtimes as short as 3-5 days are available on some products

TTE Filters is a pioneering leader in the design, development, and manufacture of high quality RF and microwave filters. Filters from TTE are used by OEMs and other organizations around the world to enhance communication and signal processing in critical applications. TTE Filters is the preferred supplier for many of these customers thanks to TTE’s technical expertise, outstanding customer service, and quick turnaround of quotes and orders.

  • More than 50 Years of Expertise

    TTE has been designing high performance filters since 1956. The company continues to innovate as customer applications and market needs evolve.

  • Outstanding Customer Service

    Speed quotes, rapid turnaround, inventory management and other tools enable TTE to be highly responsive to customer requests. Most TTE products are delivered within 2 weeks.

  • Lightning Fast Quotes

    Use the TTE Speed Quote form to submit your request directly to TTE. A sales engineer will respond promptly with a filter specification quote.

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